"Whether it’s playing in the Pittsburgh Symphony or making my insane overdubs, I simply couldn’t do what I do without Greg’s unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship."

Jim Nova Pittsburgh Symphony

"The care and craftsmanship that Greg puts into his work produces the most consistently comfortable and best sounding mouthpieces I’ve ever played. Greg Black mouthpieces have been a part of my musical life since my early New York days and will continue with me throughout the rest of my career."

Luis Bonilla Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

"I’ve been playing Greg Black Mouthpieces for well over 20 years. I have tried other mouthpieces throughout my career, but none come close to the craftsmanship, response and sound of Greg’s. His mouthpieces make it so much easier for me to be able to achieve the sound, flexibility, nuance and musicality that I hear in my head and be able to produce it through my horn."

Kenny Rampton Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

"As a professional musician, my livelihood depends upon my ability to switch between many different musical genres. For the past 25 years, whether I'm on the road with the Count Basie orchestra, playing a Broadway show, or supporting an Artist from the pit, Greg's masterful craftsmanship has allowed me to find my sound in any musical situation."

Endre Rice The Count Basie Orchestra

"I never thought mouthpieces made any difference to my playing, but since switching to my Greg Black 5G I can honestly say that my playing has improved each day. The beautifully designed mouthpiece gives a unique sense of flexibility and ease, whilst also giving strength and power. The support from such a friendly business has been incredible; I am so thankful!"

Isobel Daws BONE-AFIDE

"Greg Black Mouthpieces provide the depth of sound I love and facilitates the versatility I require for the various musical situations in which I find myself. Greg’s attention to detail, willingness to listen to what the player desires and finding a solution has made making music easier and playing the trumpet a lot more fun."

Rashawn Ross Dave Matthews Band


At Greg Black Mouthpieces we offer a variety of custom mouthpiece options as well as mouthpiece alteration services. Contact us for more details!

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Greg Black Mouthpieces is proud to sponsor this talented group of wonderful musicians!"An ensemble to watch - with a collective sound that shimmers and playing that quite simply makes you feel good."-...

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NEW! Short Cornet Mouthpieces

The new Greg Black short cornet mouthpieces are the results from the very first collaboration between Greg Black and apprentice Benjamin Strickland.  The results have been overwhelmingly successful and the feedback...

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Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet, Cornet, & Flugelhorn

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"The Greg Black Braces Pieces are game changers for students struggling with the uncomfort of playing with braces. All of my students who switched to a BP after getting braces have been successful from day one with the new mouthpiece. Every band room needs a set!"

Michael Capps Award Winning Music Educator
Zoom Braces Pieces (BP)

Braces Pieces (BP)


Available for Trumpet, Flugelhorn, French Horn, & Trombone!!!

The first mouthpieces designed for players who wear braces.  In collaboration with trumpet player Rich Szabo, Greg Black engineered the BP Mouthpieces to help take away the frustration of playing with braces.

They reduce cut lips, improve sound and range! The BP Mouthpieces have a comfortable cushion rim and a v-cup to reduce back pressure.

Trumpet, Flugelhorn, French Horn
Rim: Cushion Cup: V Shape Inside Diameter: 16.7mm

Rim: Cushion Cup: V Shape Inside Diameter: 25.95mm/1.022"
Available for Symphony Tenor, Small Bore Tenor/Alto, and CONN shanks.


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