Michael Baker's Signature Series Greg Black Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece

We are honored to announce our newest signature mouthpiece collaboration with trumpeter Michael Baker. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mike over the last 25 years on various mouthpiece projects and this is just the beginning of more things to come.

Michael Baker Signature Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece

Rim: 16.50mm /.650” with a Medium Round contour.

The mouthpiece is based on an unusual Bach "3" sized Cornet mouthpiece initially copied for him 20 years ago.

The cup design is incredibly unique. Even though the standard straight numbered Bach cups are usually deeper and bowl shaped, this cup is a ‘C’ depth with a VM shaped cup. There is also room off the rim and then transitions down into the VM shape leading to an open throat entrance.

The throat bore is a #26 and the backbore is fairly open, which balances out the mouthpiece.

The Michael Baker Signature Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece is available exclusively by our friends at Dillon Music! For ordering please contact jim@dillonmusic.com.


“Every brass player is looking for a mouthpiece that allows them to sound the way they dream of sounding. We all want something comfortable, consistent in results and beautiful in production.”

-Mike Baker