Frequently Asked Questions


Q: "How long does it take before my order is shipped?"

A: Our mouthpieces are handmade to order and can take 3-4 weeks to ship after an order is processed. Custom mouthpiece orders can take longer depending on the design, a timeline will be quoted during the customer consultation.  We do keep our most popular models in stock in silver plate and can ship same day. Please contact us for current inventory.  

Q: "Can I visit the shop?"

A: Absolutely! We love having customers in the shop but sometimes our production schedule can keep us from giving them 100% if the visit is unexpected.  It is best to make an appointment so we are able to give you the attention you deserve.  

Q: "I like the Greg Black 5G but I prefer the rim contour of my current mouthpiece, do I need to order a custom mouthpiece?"

A: Not necessarily.  We can make a custom rim alteration to any of our stock models and it maybe more economical than ordering a full custom mouthpiece. To copy the rim contour, we will need you to send the mouthpiece for guaranteed satisfaction.  Select custom services for more information. 

Q: "I have a flugelhorn mouthpiece I really love but has a standard shank and will not fit my vintage French flugelhorn, can you help?"

A: Yes, this is very common and you have a few options.  You can get a custom copy made of your mouthpiece with the correct taper or we can Re-shank your mouthpiece with the correct taper.  We have seen many variations of French flugelhorn leadpipes come though our shop so we recommend sending us your leadpipe to ensure the best fit possible. 

Q: "What happens if the plating starts to wear through to the brass on my mouthpiece?"

A: Not to worry.  With proper use, we guarantee the finish on our mouthpieces.  In the occasion you have plating issues, send us an email with proof of purchase and we will take care of the rest.  

Q: "I live outside of the United States and import fees are high in my country, will you declare a lesser valve of my order on the customs documents?"

A: We are unable to fraud customs forms for our customers as it my impact our ability to ship international in the future.  We suggest shipping it to a forwarder located in the United States.

Q: "What if the mouthpiece I ordered is not quite right for me?"

A: As the manufacturer, we only take returns if on the rare occasion you receive the wrong mouthpiece or even rarer occasion the mouthpiece has a defect.  Contact us ASAP if this is the case.  We recommend visiting or contacting one of our dealers that may have a return policy for trials. 

Q: "I would like to have my mouthpiece altered.  Can you change the rim and the cup?  I would also like a bigger throat and different backbore.  How much does this cost?"

A: Unfortunately, we do not give discounts for supplying the brass for your mouthpiece.