NEW! Short Cornet Mouthpieces

The new Greg Black short cornet mouthpieces are the results from the very first collaboration between Greg Black and apprentice Benjamin Strickland.  The results have been overwhelmingly successful and the feedback from musicians around the world has been positively fantastic.  

With innovation, too often cornetists and the brass band community are overlooked by designers and manufacturers.  While working with Hub van Laar on a cornet collaboration, Benjamin decided to consider the first element, after the musician for the improvement of design, the mouthpiece.  

Listening to cornetists about their current demands and the issues they have with equipment that was currently available, Greg and Benjamin reengineered the out dated mouthpiece designs and brought the 21st century concepts of sound, intonation, and efficiency to the cornet community. 

These mouthpieces feature our stock Greg Black rim sizes and shapes paired with our "B" (shallowest), "A", and "UK" cup sizes.  The "A" cup features a more American Sousa sound while the "UK" was designed with the British style brass band in mind but with more stability and better intonation without sounding too fluffy. The "B" cup has been popular so far for soloists in the larger rim sizes as well as Eb cornetist paired with our 7 or 10 size rim. 

The new shorter length paired with our balancing of larger throat bores and new "UK" backbore make these mouthpieces the perfect companion for your vintage or modern cornet.

This has been a very fun project with superb results!  Feel free to contact the shop for more details.

-Benjamin Strickland

“Every brass player is looking for a mouthpiece that allows them to sound the way they dream of sounding. We all want something comfortable, consistent in results and beautiful in production.  When you choose a Greg Black Mouthpiece, you know you are getting the absolute best quality in product because it comes from an artisan and company that takes pride in their work and your happiness. I highly recommend you play Greg Black Mouthpieces.”

Mike Baker
New Jersey Symphony Orchestra/The Salvation Army New York Staff Band