The Kenny Rampton Greg Black Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece!

Introducing the first mouthpiece in our new Signature Series line!

"I have had the pleasure and honor to work with Kenny Rampton for several years. We have worked on different designs because of his varying playing demands and situations, which are not uncommon for today’s musician. The Kenny Rampton Signature mouthpiece is the culmination of those collaborations, and we are incredibly happy to make these available. I can say Kenny is not only a great trumpet player, but even a better person. Thank you for a great 20+ years, Kenny!"

-Greg Black

The Kenny Rampton Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

Rim: Kenny's custom rim profile with a .650" inner ID.

Cup: VS - Medium Vee Cup shape that offers a massively warm tone that is full of harmonics in all registers, perfect for all around work.

Throat: #27

Backbore: Custom K4 - Open enough to give a full, warm, and broad sound in all registers. This backbore is extremely responsive, providing precise articulations and effortless flexibility.

Kenny's Signature model available exclusively at the premier pro shop in NYC J. Landress Brass. Please email for ordering. 

“I’ve been playing Greg Black Mouthpieces for well over 20 years. I have tried other mouthpieces throughout my career, but none come close to the craftsmanship, response and sound of Greg’s. His mouthpieces make it so much easier for me to be able to achieve the sound, flexibility, nuance and musicality that I hear in my head and be able to produce it through my horn. On top of all that, he’s a GREAT guy and always eager to work with me, make tweaks and help me achieve my goals as a trumpeter. Thank you Greg, for making me a better trumpet player!!!”
-Kenny Rampton