Zoom New York "290" Series Euphonium Mouthpieces
Zoom New York "290" Series Euphonium Mouthpieces

New York "290" Series Euphonium Mouthpieces


We are excited to release our newest mouthpieces to our low brass line.   Working with several professional and also hobbyist euphonium players, Greg and team developed the new "290" Series Euphonium Mouthpieces from some of our already extremely popular rim and cup sizes but with a different feel and balance more suited for the needs of the performer.  The resulting sound has a richness, wider spectrum of overtones and depth that we think you will love!

"290" New York Series Euphonium Mouthpieces feature a Wide cushioned style rim that is more rounded to give the musician more support if desired.   They are available in the following standard sizes,

New York 1.75 – 1.060”, (26.90mm) Cup Depth: Medium Deep +

New York 2 – 1.060”, (26.90mm) Cup Depth: Deep/‘4G’ style

New York 3.75 – 1.040”, (26.40mm) Cup Depth: Medium Deep + 

New York 4 – 1.040”, (26.40mm) Cup Depth: Deep/‘4G’ style

New York 5.75 - 1.022”, (25.95mm) Cup Depth: Medium Deep +

New York 6 – 1.022”, (25.95mm) Cup Depth: Deep/‘4G’ style

New York 7.75 - 25.8mm, 1.016”  Cup Depth: Medium Deep +

New York 8 - 25.8mm, 1.016” Cup Depth: Deep/‘4G’ style

Please Note:
"290" Series Euphonium Mouthpieces
mouthpieces are stock in Medium weight but can be special ordered in all of our standard weights.  The stock bore size is .290" on all models paired with our Euphonium Backbore. 

All standard Symphony Tenor rim and cup combinations can be special ordered in the "290" Series configuration by request.  Please email info@gregblackmouthpieces.com for special orders. 

New York "290" Series Euphonium Mouthpieces