Zoom Jim Nova Signature Series Trombone Mouthpieces
Zoom Jim Nova Signature Series Trombone Mouthpieces

Jim Nova Signature Series Trombone Mouthpieces

Jim Nova Signature Series Trombone Mouthpieces

The Greg Black Jim Nova Signature Series Mouthpieces are available exclusively at Johnstonbaugh's Music Centers.  For purchasing please email info@johnstonbaughs.com.

Model: Soprano 
Rim: 3G Cup Depth: Shallow Double Cup Bore: #5

Model: A1 Alto Trombone 
Rim: 3G Cup Depth: "C" Style Bore: .234"

Model: 1.7 Symphony Tenor Trombone 
Rim: 3G Cup Depth: Medium Deep Bore: .281"

Model: B1 Bass Trombone 
Rim: 3G Cup Depth: 1 1/2G Depth Bore: .284"

Model: C1 Contra Bass Trombone  
Rim: 27.25mm, 1.063" w/3G Contour Cup Depth: Deep Bore: .281"

Greg has been working with the phenomenal Jim Nova since spring of 2002.  The high demands of Jim's professional career has required several custom consultations and creations to help meet and achieve his musical and physical needs.  Jim being the true embodiment of a doubler, these mouthpieces range thought the entire trombone spectrum from contra bass to soprano.  Combined with his dedication and hard work, Jim has been able to achieve unparalleled performance goals throughout his career continuing to push the limits and possibilities of the trombone. 

You can hear Jim and some of his incredible work with the Pittsburgh Symphony or on his webpage www.jimnova.com as well as on SoundCloud. 

Jim Nova Signature Series Trombone Mouthpieces