Zoom 1G Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

1G Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

1G & 1GS
Cup Diameter: 29mm, 1.144" Bore: 'O', .316"
Cup Depth:  "G" Deep, "GS" Slightly Shallower  Rim Width: Medium Thin
Alternate Bore Available: .312"/#2

Please Note:
Bass Trombone mouthpieces are available in four weights: Light, Regular, Medium, and Heavy.
Alternative shanks are available and can be selected with the ‘Shank Option’ drop down box.
If a different shank is selected, the bore size and backbore will be adjusted accordingly for the right balance.

“In the 30 years I’ve known Greg Black I can truly say that when it comes to making mouthpieces, he is a true artisan and craftsman. His work and attention to detail is of the highest level.  Greg is personable and genuine, and always takes care of his customers needs. That’s why I play his mouthpieces!

Jack Schatz
NY Freelance Bass Trombone

1G Bass Trombone Mouthpiece