Zoom New "B" Cup 1-Piece Trumpet Mouthpieces

New "B" Cup 1-Piece Trumpet Mouthpieces

 Our "B" cup trumpet mouthpieces are often a popular option for players looking for a deeper mouthpiece than previously offered as a stock cup depth that results in more depth of sound without loosing too much bravura! All of our standard "B" cup models are based on our 5B depth and shape.

"B" Cup Depth: Deep

1-Piece "B" Trumpet Mouthpieces are currently available in the following standard rim sizes:

1 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 17.3mm/.681in 

1 1/4 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 17.1mm  .673in

1 1/2 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 16.9mm /.665in

Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 16.5mm/.650in

5 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 16.4mm/646in

Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 16.3mm/.642in

10 Rim Shape: Medium Wide Cup Diameter: 16mm/.630in

12 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 15.5mm/.610in 

Please Note:
Standard bore option on 'B' cups is a #26
The standard backbore on all 'Bcups is the #7

Trumpet mouthpieces are available in four weights: Light, Regular, Medium, and Heavy.

All models are available as a cornet or a piccolo mouthpiece.
Each inner rim size also has a corresponding sized Flugelhorn mouthpiece.

New "B" Cup 1-Piece Trumpet Mouthpieces