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Greg Black Mouthpieces
117 West Central Ave.
Mount Holly, NC 28120
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Trumpet Backbore Descriptions

Commercial Backbores

#1 A tight backbore that provides a brilliant sound
#2 A backbore that provides resistance yet provides a lively sound.


Can be used for different situations. Very even from top to bottom.


A tighter version of the #4. 

#4 Open enough to give a full, broad sound.


A more open version of the #4.


A tighter version of the #5. 

#5 Has power with less resistance to provide a bright tone.


A more open version of the #5. 

#6 A medium sized, full sounding backbore. Excellent for a variety of styles

Classical Backbores

#7 Provides full, warm sound for all around work.
#8 A smaller, yet dark, symphonic sound. "Schmidt" style.


A more open version of the #8 backbore. The upper part of the backbore is altered/opened by introducing a partial '#87' shape.

#9 A medium sized symphonic backbore that is centered and dark. (a downsized '#24' style)


 A more open version of the #9, sized right in between the #9 and #10.

#10 A bigger, darker symphonic sound. Excellent for orchestral work. (a full '#24' style)
#11 Big and free blowing to help in the upper register. Designed for piccolo use. ( '#117' Style)
#12 Very open and free blowing. Sounds extremely dark. ( '#87' Style)

Piccolo Trumpet Backbores

117-T This shank will fit piccolos designed for a trumpet shank. ie Blackburn
117-C This shank will fit those piccolos designed to have a cornet sized shank. ie Schilke

Please note that the two backbores above are designed to have the mouthpiece at the length of a cornet mouthpiece.

If you prefer playing Piccolo with a 'Standard' Trumpet mouthpiece overall length, the #11 Trumpet backbore is recommended.

Cup descriptions

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