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Greg Black Mouthpieces
117 West Central Ave. Mount Holly, NC 28120

Ph. and Fax 980-277-8195

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French Horn

French Horn Mouthpiece Photo

Photo by Pablo Inirio

Model Cup Diameter Cup Depth Rim Width Bore Size
B 17.4 mm 44/64" Deep Thin #8
F 17.5mm 44/64" Medium Wide #16
C 17.5mm 44/64" Deep Medium #8
S 17.5mm 44/64" Medium Deep Thin #15
J 17.75mm 44/64" Deep Medium #4

The only french horn mouthpiece designed for players who wear braces. Designed by trumpet player Rich Szabo and Greg Black, the new BP Mouthpiece takes away the frustration of playing with braces.

Reduce cut lips, improve sound. The BP Mouthpiece has a comfortable cushion rim and a v-cup to reduce back pressure. Use for all around playing from chamber music to symphonic.

Cup Diameter Cup Depth Rim Width Bore Size

17.5mm 44/64"

Medium Deep V

Extra Cushion



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