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Greg Black Mouthpieces
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BP Trumpet MouthpieceTM

BP Trumpet Mouthpiece

The only trumpet mouthpiece designed for players who wear braces. Designed by trumpet player Rich Szabo and Greg Black, the new BP Mouthpiece takes away the frustration of playing with braces.

Reduce cut lips, improve sound and range! The BP Mouthpiece has a comfortable cushion rim and a v-cup to reduce back pressure.

"I wanted to let you what a difference the BP mouthpiece made for one of my students who has braces. Previously, his tone quality, range, and endurance was poor. He is now able to play with a typical trumpet tone quality for at least 30 minutes and his now hitting a high F when he could not even reach a high C. The change is shocking. His mom thought somebody else was playing his trumpet when he first tried it out and could not believe the immediate improvement. This young man's eyes are now bright with the excitement of being able to play well! Thank you!" - Ruth Petersen
"My son noticed the difference immediately in his sound quality. It has taken away the airy sound. He was so frustrated when he got braces put on. I'm glad his band teacher suggested we get a new mouthpiece, one made for braces. I didn't even know they were available. Anyhow, my son is very happy now and that's what matters most. Thank you so much."- Dianne Wise

"The mouthpiece arrived last Friday, and was a perfect fit for the lead pipe on my son's Shew Yamaha horn. The improved results were almost instantaneous ! My son's range went up by several notes the first day, and last night, he called me in the middle of my gig, as he was beyond excited to tell me he had hit his first high C ! He is now hitting them everyday in his practice. You have helped save a trumpet player who almost threw in the towel over having to wear braces. I can't thank you enough!" - Mark Pettey





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